Wolfman Presents: FARMER BOYS In The Hunt For The Tastiest Burger in Hollywood, Los Angeles


In The Hunt For The Tastiest Burger
In Hollywood, Los Angeles California

A Note From Wolfman:

Enjoy the impromptu interview I did at Farmer Boy’s on Hollywood Blvd. This was shortly after I went to Seattle to film myself sampling over 60 burgers in 10 days on Capital Hill with the guidance of my long time friend and musician YOSHI GISH for The Hunt For The Tastiest Burger.

We also shot footage for my podcast and TV pilot called Burger, Brews, and Buds. I’ll be uploading some promo clips on this channel in the very near future!

To be continued on the podcast BURGERS, BREWS, & BUDS brought to you by Wolfman Presents…


Wolfman Raymond

Video Footage Captured by Phone:
Wolfman Raymond

Edited By:
Steven Veninga

Wolfman Logo:
Kevin Schkade/Eliot Nexus

Voice Over:
David Williams

Wolfman Presents Graphic:
Eightanda Quarter

Farmer Boy’s on Hollywood Blvd.

***Special thanks and shout out to YOSHI GISH and everyone who participated, consulted, and supported Wolfman Presents***

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